Document Management Link

Document Management Link, from Orchid Systems

MSI Technologies helps link documents to Sage 300 ERP fields with the help of either Microsoft SharePoint or any other accessible file server, with the help of Orchid Systems' Document Management Link. This provides you an economical document management system that doesn't come with a high cost. MSI Technologies allows for an efficient way to view supporting documents for your Sage 300 ERP data, putting the information where you'll be able to find it, when you need it. You'll be able to use it to support all the functions that are required in supporting documentation. With the use of SharePoint, you'll be able to benefit from the collaboration and security features that help initiate workflows for document notification and approval. Document Management Link comes as a part of the Information Manager suite of productivity tools from Orchid Systems.

Use it to support all functions which require supporting documentation. If you use SharePoint you can benefit from its collaboration and security features and initiate workflows for document notification and approval. Document Management Link is part of the Information Manager suite of productivity tools from Orchid.


  • Improved customer service - essential documents easily accessed and found.
  • Documents always available - not on other users' desks, or lost.
  • Improved productivity - no more hunting, with easy access to documents.
  • Improved operations - with supporting documents linked to the right record.
  • Improved multi-site operations - access in Sage 300 ERP, no need to distribute hard copies.
  • Improved security - with SharePoint's security and controlled access and ease of backup (when used with SharePoint).
  • Ensures information is shared and not lost.
  • Reduced paper storage - why keep more and more paper?
  • Reduced costs - from copying, printing, consumables and keeping multiple copies.


  • Link to one document or a group of related documents, e.g. all invoices for vendor Y, or specific invoice.
  • Directory of linked documents shows in Sage 300 ERP screen.
  • Find document and open it without leaving Sage 300 ERP.
  • Add linked documents from within Sage 300 ERP.
  • Show linked documents in Sage 300 ERP that were previously filed in SharePoint or the file server.
  • Link documents to up to two fields, e.g. vendor and branch, to filter selection.
  • Integrates with Orchid Notes to show both Notes and Document, i.e. brief and longer.
  • Builds on your existing scanning and document capture systems.
  • Operates with all Sage 300 ERP modules and third party modules developed in the SDK.
  • Developed in the Sage 300 ERP SDK, with its look and feel, security, customization capabilities, data integrity checking and more.

Minimum Requirements

Document Management Link requires Sage 300 ERP System Manager. In order to take advantage of SharePoint features, Microsoft SharePoint is also required. Document Management Link is able to link documents to Sage 300 ERP masterfile or reference fields, and excluding fields with drop-down selection, date, or in a sage 300 ERP grid.

If you have any more questions or would like to learn more about Orchid Systems' Document Management Link, contact us today at MSI Technologies for more information and how it may benefit your Business.