Managed Services

Outsourced Managed Services for Growing Businesses

Businesses are increasingly needing to do more with less in the competitive environment that is out there today, especially when it comes to headcount dedicated to managing and maintaining complex communications systems. Being able to outsource these functions can allow for consistency in upgrading your coverage from a single employee's 9-5 window to the 24/7 peace of mind that MSI Technologies, LLC Managed Services provides.

Many find that predictability can get boring. However, MSI Technologies disagrees. How many times have you found yourself spending hours trying to resolve an unplanned, high-profile outage? No one wants to get diverted from important projects to triage your businesses reputation from negative publicity generated thanks to security breach or out-of-date software. With MSI's Managed Services, we monitor all of your systems simultaneously and alert you of any anomalies immediately, in addition to performing administrative updates to your system to keep your software at peak performance.

MSI's Managed Services transfers day-to-day related management responsibility from your plate to ours as a strategic method to improve your operation's efficiency and effectiveness. Our program ensures a fixed monthly cost devoted to your communications systems, allowing you to create a budget and stick to it. We tailor our extensive portfolio of services into an offering which mitigates your risk and reduces your overall cost. MSI's Managed Services allow you to do more with less – the formula for success while minimizing your stress.

MSI's Managed Services Program Portfolio includes:

Help Desk

Allow your administrators the ability to call someone when they are in need of a helping hand. MSI Technologies' Managed Services team is always standing by to be able to provide the details needed to support you when you have a software application-specific question from your end users or just a general usability issue. Is documentation not giving you the help you need? Give us a call so that we'll be able to walk you through the issues by providing advice on best practices, to better clarify your understanding of features and programming, or even providing password resets for supporting systems. Put your trust on MSI's engineering team to have a knowledgeable and responsive source of help to keep your communication running smoothly.

Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

It is very often the case that your quality of support that you receive is highly dependent on the very people you interact with on a day to day basis that keeps your network running the way it should. It is crucial that you have access to people who understands your system and are very familiar with its history, allowing you to understand why things work the way they are. MSI Technologies can work with you in order to designate the ideal service teams staffed with the right resources to match the system that you have deployed at your business.

MSI Technologies provides you with a designated customer service team that is apt in knowing your system, staff, network, but most importantly, your expectations. This relationship and familiarity will allow for fast and personalized service with each maintenance case being handled effectively and efficiently.

Software Release Management (SRM)

One of the greatest headaches that are associated with today's software and firmware-based platforms is the energy and time spent making sure everything is kept updated. Unfortunately, no one wants to be the first when applying new service packs either. MSI Technologies' SRM program reduces the total cost of support by getting rid of the time usually needed spent on managing update processes. We test the manufacturer patches in our labs first to make sure that the software works the way it should. Once that is done, we will then automate the process of deploying the software into your system, notifying you of its importance and why it is appropriate for you. In short, spending time identifying, assessing, and implementing the recommended updates that may maximize your applications performance while also minimizing your risk of possible service disruptions is important to us, saving you the worry and money spent on aspirin making sure that all of your systems have the most relevant and appropriate software releases.

Activity Reports

Being able to adopt complex technology doesn't necessarily translate into complexity for your reporting requirements. It is true that the need for centralized reporting increases the amount of servers needed for your Admins to maintain, but MSI's Managed Services group is able to provide typical or even customized reporting that will give you the exact information that you need to make effective decisions. You'll be able to find out which systems require more administrative effort, track time, track time to response, track uptime, and more.

Advanced Business Intelligence packages that are available today allow us to show you what you need, when you need to see it. MSI Technologies provides comprehensive and detailed reports on all service activities, including break/fix and/or MAC tickets, designated by location. Some of these reports can include data such as work requested, work performed, ticket opened date, and ticket completed date.

Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs)

No one wants to have to pay for a bill every time they requested for help for a simple administrative change, especially when it is being done remotely (as most are these days). MSI's Managed Service MACs are tailored to be able to take day-to-day administrative workloads off of your network managers, allowing them to have more free time on focusing on strategic initiatives that let you take better advantage of your existing infrastructure. MSI's advanced NOC systems let us automate many tasks, and even if it's not automated, you may find that it still gets done faster when left in the hands of MSI Technologies.

Having Unlimited MACs reduces costs and eliminates "per incident" vendor invoices for moves, adds and changes. We deliver unlimited onsite hardware MACs and remote software MACs that otherwise would have been performed by your internal staff or outsourced on a T&M basis, saving you money and time.

Vendor Agency

Single-vendor solutions are rare these days. Most customers select the most appropriate vendor for each segment of their communications enterprise involve three, four, or more vendors troubleshooting a multi-site call path or data flow. MSI can take the direct management of each of those vendors off your hands, using our existing relationships to get things done on your behalf. Managed services should be about peace of mind, and in this case MSI takes the worry out of complex vendor relationships, especially with network service providers.

For more information on MSI Technologies' Managed Services, contact us today.