Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disaster Recovery for Small to Medium Businesses in NJ, NY & PA

Rid yourself of server downtime with MSI Technologies IT Disaster Recovery Solutions, providing back up and disaster recovery management services for both cloud-based and on-premise servers. When your network is down, don't panic, your network may have...

Crashed For Any Given Reason, Including:

  • Hacker Attacks
  • Computer Viruses
  • Electric Power Failures
  • Underground Cable Cuts or Failures
  • Fire, Flood, Earthquake, and other Natural Disasters
  • Mistakes in System Administration

An IT disaster recovery plan will provide a systematic approach towards answering unplanned circumstances that may threaten the integrity of your IT infrastructure, potentially compromising the network, hardware, software, processes and user experience. Adding a layer of protection to your organization's ability to continue business are the major reasons for implementing a disaster recovery plan.

The first step in getting your system back on line and in working order is to identify the problem. Once you have figured out the situation, notify all of the affected parties as well as the steps necessary for system and data recovery. Isolating the problem as soon as it comes will stop it from spreading and doing further damage to the system.

MSI Technologies Disaster Recover Solutions can save you a lot of money if executed properly. If a proper recovery plan isn't set in place, MSI Technologies strongly recommends putting together a Disaster Recovery plan in order to minimize down time.

Remember These Three Key Areas When Drafting Up A Plan:

  • Data
  • Systems
  • People

Many backup strategies usually involve the copying of important data in case of unexpected emergencies. If needed, the files and data that were affected can be restored from a previous point in time. Unfortunately, this procedure leaves a very limited form of protection for your business.

A better and more sophisticated path to solving the problem is called mirroring, a method used to allow for accessing or protecting data from multiple sources in real-time. The negative side to this approach is that this method only works over a limited distance, making it not ideal for certain scenarios. Other technologies, such as Storage area network (SAN), can be used to remedy the situation, but usually come at a much higher cost.

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