Accellos WMS

Accellos One Warehouse Management System

MSI Technologies recognizes that many warehouse manages today are having consistent findings that about 2-5% of improvements among various performance metrics can translate to hundreds of thousands of dollars in returns for business. Being able to focus on technology that will benefit your business processes allows you to find better ways to manage key performance indicators within your warehouse, such as:

Edisoft's Merchant Suite of EDI Products

  • Accuracy in orders
  • Order shipped on time and complete
  • Minimize inventory carrying costs
  • Decrease warehouse labor costs

With the help of Accellos One Warehouse Management System, a solution is provided with a set of tools that will allow you to take on the most difficult of tasks revolving around the warehouse.

Designed For Small To Mid-Sized Businesses

AccellosOne does not require a large IT staff to support and maintain it. Similar to many businesses in this industry, AccelosOne is designed to be able to star where you need to, as well as grow to where you want. Warehouse will allow you to start simple or as immersive as you want, with room to scale as your business grows.

Breadth, Depth And Reach

Accelos One Warehouse can help you reach as far as you'd want thanks to its web-centric design. Warehouse covers a bit of ground with its host of modules that were designed not only for traditional warehouse management features, but also container building, repackaging, cartonization, RFID and voice just to name some examples. The functionality of AccelosOne Warehouse leaves enough room to dig deep enough to automate a multi-billion dollar business or to manage a single warehouse startup.

Designed For Integration

MSI understands that in order to have a great warehouse system in place, it often relies on its ability to integrate other platforms. AccelosOne Integrate acts as a platform that stands between your ERP and warehouse for seamless transaction in ecommerce, management or purchasing systems. Integrate has designed a dynamic engine that allows you to incorporate it into your current system, or choose prebuilt configurations that come with popular ERP systems from Sage, Sap, Infor and Microsoft.

Flexible Deployment Options

Accelos One Warehouse allows for integration through cloud technology off premise or on premise. All that is needed from your business is the decision of when to start and how involved you want your IT staff to be.

If your business wants to learn more about Accellos One Warehouse, contact us MSI Technologies today by email or giving us a call.