Case Study #142

This large, international manufacturer of hotel china needed to expand their administrative offices along with the development of a company owned warehouse facility. They had previously worked within a system of public warehouses and consignment inventory throughout North America.

MSI Technologies was retained to upgrade their legacy distribution accounting systems, design and develop a network infrastructure to support an expanding sales and distribution staff, as well as prepare a 100,000 square ft. warehouse and office structure to accommodate both data and communications for the entire North American operations unit in North Carolina. Our team travelled with the client over a period of months to assure that all wiring for the facility was handled per specification and that all equipment being relocated was assigned to the proper person and location within the structure. While our Technology team established the data communication and network side of the project, our Financial Software team began the process of designing the distribution accounting system. CA's Accpac For Windows became the initial product of choice and over the next ten years, the client has evolved through many iterations and upgrades to enjoy the full benefits of this world-class distribution accounting product, now called Sage Accpac ERP.

Each and every step of the process involved testing, training, and more testing to assure maximum utilization and a minimum of staff interruption. Unique procedures were designed to utilize wireless handheld technology, corporate security interests, and a large array of customized reports and specifications necessary to support literally hundreds of large and small clients throughout North America. From multi-currency accounting to remote sales support, the client's environment continues to grow and prosper, in great part due to the early design efforts of MSI Technologies.